ISO 1 Strømfilter


ISO 1 Strømfilter.

Iso 1 strømfilter.

The ISO1  is our entry level mains isolation filter. It combines mains isolation with DC blocking and earth line filtering resulting in a major improvement in sonic performance. Originally conceived for use with our turntables it also has major benefits when used with line level product such as CD players, DVD players, Pre-amplifiers, tuners, DACs and Phono stages – as long as the load does not exceed 40W.

The single outlet is there for a reason: it offers galvanic isolation which prevents cross contamination of your components – adding a distribution board to supply multiple products will negate this function and may overload the ISO1 causing the fuses to blow and or possible damage which is not covered by the 10 year guarantee.


Max output level 40W RMS @ 240/120V 50/60Hz
Dimensions WxHxL 170mm x 88mm x 160mm
Weight 2.5kg
Power consumption (Idle) 2.5W


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